Exhibit Opening: Let’s Talk About Bikes

June 13, 2012

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The Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit opening was last night.  Amazing.  I was pleasantly surprised by what the team from over,under – Mark Pasnik, Keith Lagreze, and Jonathan Hanahan – put together.  It was obviously a lot of work and I know some of what they did behind the scenes.  And, equally important, they clearly enjoyed bringing this show to life.

I arrived late because I took a circuitous bike route that kept me on dirt, trails, and back alleys for most of the ride from Seven to downtown Boston.

The show was much better than I could have expected.  Great bikes by SCUL, Parlee Cycles, Firefly Bicycles, Royal H. Cycles, Saila Bicycles, and Seven Cycles.  the scene was particularly cool, for me specifically, because not only was Seven included, but Bryan of Royal H, Lauren or Saila, and Skunk of SCUL, all work at Seven, too.  So, it felt a bit like being at work – but with a lot more people and a bit more drinking.  Seven has even done a bit of work with Parlee years ago.  The only group with which Seven hasn’t directly done a project is Firefly; but I’ve know these guys for so long that it feels like family.

I also provided a family tree of local framebuilders that I put together a while back for another project.  I consider it a work in progress and we’re always updating it.  It’s by no means complete and if there are errors or omissions, I apologize; please contact me.

One aspect of the exhibit is extensive interviews with the bike builders.  Staci Sommers worked on one of Seven’s exhibit bikes:  The Berlin Bike.  As with every project at Seven Cycles, lots of other people helped build the Berlin Bike, too.  Three of the biggest contributors were Matt O’Keefe, Stef Adams, and Skip Brown.  Here are few quotes from Staci’s interview for the bike exhibit:

“I like to think of the painting process as receiving a gift:  the moment you take the masking off, there’s a huge element of surprise.”  – Staci Sommers

BSA:  How did you learn to paint bikes […]?

Staci:  The good people at Seven Cycles told me to have at it.  […]  I got into finishing here, small parts and decaling, and then was offered the chance to become a painter.  […]  My father is a painter, so I grew up with it.

BSA:  What would you call attention to about the [Berlin Bike] paint job in particular?

Staci:  I think the fender and chain guards are really fascinating. The skyline comes from photos of the city that are traced.  I hope that most people will recognize it is Berlin.

BSA:  How do you like working at Seven?

Staci:  This is a dream job.  It is great to come to work, love what you do, and enjoy the people there.  Everyone is working toward similar goals and with equal passion for cycling and bicycles.

The exhibit also featured photographs by Seven’s own Matt O’Keefe and Jon Henig.  And good photo friends Susi Ecker, Dave Chiu, Natasha Boltukhova, and Chris Milliman.

After the exhibit I got to see Matt O’Keefe and susi Ecker, Matt Roy and Mo Bruno Roy, Dave Wilcox, and Sean Griffing of TRADE and Rebecca Fetner of Rialto.

To Mark, Keith, and Jonathan, thank you for putting together such a great show.  Thank you also to the Boston Society of ArchitectsCambrigde Seven Associates, Atlantic Wharf, and TRADE Restaurant for sponsoring the exhibit.

The exhibit runs through August 31.  Don’t miss it.

I believe this exhibit will be remembered as an important contribution to the local bike scene.



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