Journal: Saturday Sulaco

June 9, 2012

in Journal Notes

7:35 am – 7:15 pm     ||     Studio

  • Press:  The Berlin Bike showed up again today.  Glad to see it on a Swiss site.
  • Graphic Design:  Worked on the White Team Kits today.  Brought it back from the dead with Todd Rowell’s help – and Jay Robbin’s blessing.  We’re definitely doing the white jersey.  Working with Verge on it.  It’s going to look hot – I mean cool.
  • Poison Ivy.  I’ve been updating my poison ivy post.  Poison ivy sure does like me a lot; I don’t like it so much.
  • Humor?  I received this spam email – they’ve definitely got my number: “Spending a lot of time at home lately?  Have you fixed all that needs fixing and still have time to use?  Be fruitful and waste no time! Earn more income right from your home. Read and learn about it.”  That’s me, for sure.


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