Graphic Design: Stickers for Ride Studio Cafe

March 28, 2012

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It’s long overdue for a sticker from the Ride Studio Cafe.  This is actually two sticker projects at once:

  • Stickers to stick on stuff – laptops, tool boxes, car bumpers, etc.
  • Brand decals that we’ll put on bike the Studio sells – most bike shops have these kind of decals; now it’s the Studio’s turn.

This project is the “sticker” – not the “decal.”

Deadline for arrival:  July 31.

Project Coordinator:  Chantal

Designer:  Rob and Skunk

Supplier:  Sticker Robot

Project timeline in reverse:

July 5  |  I’m wrapping up the design.  Hoping to send to Sticker Robot on Friday.  We’ll see stickers before the end of the month.

We’re already working on a second sticker design specifically for bicycles.  The perfect size for any bike.

April 21  |  I’m taking some cues from the Studio Team clothing kit.  It’ll be a simple decal but a design that one might actually stick on something and not be embarassed.

March 28  |  It’s time for a Studio Sticker.  The most difficult part of this project is finding the right sticker maker.  It’s a lot more difficult to source really good stickers than one might think.  I’ve suffered through this before with Seven Cycles.

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