Graphic Design: Ride Studio Cafe Decals for Bikes

March 28, 2012

in Graphic Design

What?  That’s a confusing mouthful.

This project is to get decals made that I think of as branding decals – like branding cattle.  Any bike the Ride Studio Cafe sells will get a small decal that shows the rider and other people – this bike came from RSC.

This is different from the Studio’s sticker project.  Those stickers are for anything.  These decals are only for bicycles.  They’re made from a different material and a different source.

Deadline:  Decals in-house by July 31.

Deadline for arrival:  July 31.

Project Coordinator:  Chantal

Designer:  Rob and Skunk

Supplier:  Sticker Robot

Project timeline in reverse:

July 5  |  First draft complete.  Hoping to send to the sticker robots by next week.

May 12  |  We gave up on finding a super durable decal that also looks good.  WE’re going with Robot because they seem durable and look great.

May 4  |  Chantal has found a pretty decent supplier:  Sticker Robot.  We’ll see what the final pieces look like but their printing quality is the best I’ve seen so far.

April 20  |  Chantal sourced about a half dozen decal sources and they’re all disappointing- either poor printing quality or poor decal adhesion.

March 28  |  Now that we’re looking at getting stickers for the Studio, it’s definitely time to get a bike decal, too.

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