Seven Cycles is Twenty Years Old Today

January 6, 2017

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Well that was fast.

Seven Cycles celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

I’ve never been one for nostalgia; I’ve only saved one bike — out of dozens — over my 37 years in the bike industry.  I don’t look back very often — except for forensic reasons of business improvement (what a tool).  Anyway, Jennifer or John reminded me a few days ago that Seven’s anniversary was coming up.

Rob V. avoiding work at Seven’s first home in January 1997

In celebration, I want to thank those that made this incredible journey possible.  Also in celebration, Seven is likely to have an anniversary project or two happening — details to follow.

All I want to do is to thank all the people that have made Seven Cycles possible:

  • First, the team that jumped off the cliff with me 20 years ago:  Jennifer Miller, Matt O’Keefe, and Lisa Rodier.  I’m lucky enough that Jennifer and Matt still work with me.  Lisa, while she moved on to smarter endeavors, is still with us in spirit.
  • The group of 20-year employees with which I still get to work every day:  Tim Delaney, Skip Brown, Mike Salvatore, Kirk Tegelaar, and of course, Jennifer and Matt O.  Interestingly, all of these people I have worked with for well over 20 years — we all worked together at Merlin Metalworks.  Most of these people have 25+ years together.
  • A special shout out to Stef Adams who nearly makes the 20-year group; she’ll be there soon.

  • Next, the co-workers I get to work with every day.  The list is too long to mention here but you can find most of them here.
  • All the past employees that helped get Seven to where it is now.  Here is a partial list but there are many more that were smart enough to get our of the bike industry.
  • So important is all the fantastic customer riders with which we’ve worked over the years — this list has passed 30,000 people a while ago.
  • The retailers and distributors with which we’ve worked over the years.  We’ve always worked exclusively through retailers.  They have played such an important role to keeping Seven moving in the right direction.  Too many great retailers to list here.  I’ll post more about these in coming months.
  • The contractors, consultants, subcontractors, and suppliers with which we work, many of them for the full 20 years we’ve been around.  The unsung heroes of the bikes Seven builds.  Seven’s expectations and specifications are awfully high; not many suppliers can make the cut.
  • Last and most important, my family.  I’ve worked hundred hour weeks for this entire 20 year period.  My family has been too kind in letting me get lost in the work; it seems to be the best way for me to keep the demons at bay.  Thank you mom, dad, Ken, and Patria, and my extended family, too.  Seven would definitely not exist without your support and tolerance.

Here’s to the next incredible 20-years.  As the saying goes, may you live in interesting times; we are there!

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