Burning Snowflake Series 2017

December 31, 2016

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On January 1, 2017, Ride Headquarters begins is first ride series of the year.  We’re starting off strong with this project:  The Burning Snowflake Series.

The Buring Snowflake is a series of eight rides throughout the next few months.  The purpose is to get riders in the southern Massachusetts area to ride year round — regardless of weather conditions and temperature.  We’re riding in 2 feet of snow.  We’re riding in sub-zero temperatures.  Climate has no impact on the joy of riding.  Dress right, mount the right tires, and join Ride HQ for an amazing winter of riding.  It’s starting off to be an amazing year.

Here’s the list of dates for each ride and what type or ride it’ll be:

  1. January 1, Sunday at noon:   The Resolution Ride.  Mountain bike and mixed terrain trails.
  2. January 14 Saturday at noon:  Burning Snowflake Ride.  Fat bike and mountain bike ride.
  3. February 4, Saturday at noon:  February Frost Ride.  Depending on weather conditions routes will be ideal for fat bikes, mountain bikes, and mixed terrain bikes.
  4. February 25, Saturday at 11:00 am:  The FireFrost Ride.  This ride includes both road bike routes – if weather permits – and off-road routes that are appropriate for fat bikes, mountain bikes, and mixed terrain bikes.
  5. March 11, Saturday at 10:00 am:  Burning Snowman Ride.  We’re doing it all today:  road routes, mixed terrain routes, mountain bike and fat bike routes, too!
  6. March 25, Saturday at 8:00 am:  Snowflake Century Ride.  100% Pavement ride.  If the ground is frozen we’ll also be offering a mixed terrain set of rides, too, that depart at 9:00 am.
  7. April 8, Saturday at 9:30 am:  The SunFlake Ride.  100% Pavement route.
  8. April 15, Saturday at 9:00 am:  The NoFlake Ride.  This is a pure road route.  The season is here!  Let’s celebrate the final ride of the series together!

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