Cyclefit and the Honey Allroads

January 18, 2016

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Honey Bikes’ good friends at Cyclefit have just written a great and flattering piece about the Honey Allroads and Honey as a company.  Cyclefit and its creators are among the most influential, important, thoughtful, and friendly retailers in the world.

Their article begins:

“Everything about Honey Bicycles is mystifying. Maybe even deliberately so? I have been around long enough in this industry to know that it is impossible for a brand new company to bring something this new, perfectly designed, formed, presented and finished, AND be fabricated with genuine homegrown design and handmade credentials in Boston USA. And yet here it is in front of me.” 

Honey Allroads - photo - Cyclefit

Obviously, they speak about Honey a lot better than I can.  Their article explains why that’s so!

Cyclefit has recently expanded to three stores and we’re excited to be working with all three locations.  And we’re really excited to see what’s next for them — and Honey Bikes, together.  For example, most recently, they helped design the Honey Weather Disc — Honey’s newest bike model.  More about that bike later.

In the meantime, thank you to the entire crew at Cyclefit for partnering with Honey Bikes.  It’s going to be an amazing season.

We hope to see you on the Northern Quarter canal track!

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