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January 16, 2016

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On March 3, Thursday evening at 7:00 pm, Patria Lanfranchi and I will be presenting a bikepacking how-to clinic at Ride Studio Cafe.  I’m really looking forward to this because it’s such a big topic, and I’ve made all the mistakes along the way.

A Warm Meal On A Very Chilly Night - photo - Rob Vandermark

We’re going to cover too many topics, including:

  • Bike setup and parts selection
  • Packing system methodology
  • Sleep systems
  • Shelter systems
  • Cooking systems and food management
  • Water management and treatment
  • Light systems
  • Electronics management:  solar, generator, battery systems
  • Ways to travel with your bike
  • Wildlife encounter management
  • Weather and climate management:  From 20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  From snow to days of rain to endless summer sun.

  • Bike maintenance on-route — and preventive maintenance:  What to carry with you and what never to use on your bike
  • Routing methodology
  • How to get started on your first bikepacking adventure.
  • Lots of time for questions and answers — or, at least questions.
  • Review of upcoming bikepacking trips you can take part in!
  • And more!  Actually, I’m not sure how we’re going to fit all that into 90 minutes but we’ll do our best.

I hope someone other than me and Patria show up!

Lighthouse showing the way - photo - Rob Vandermark

Note:  The original date for this event was Thursday, February 25.  We had to change it because of too many projects going on at once!


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