Lovely Bicycle: Steering Your Loved One’s Bicycle Purchase Decisions

January 15, 2016

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Lovely Bicycles wrote another great piece — how can anyone be surprised — titled, “Steering Your Loved Ones’ Bicycle Purchase Decisions.”

As with much of Velouria’s writing, it’s difficult to distill the article.  So, instead, here is one of the quotes that stood out to me — that also relates to Honey Bikes.

“The bicycle itself he found “extremely comfortable” and “eager to accelerate.” However, being steel, he speculated, was certainly a handicap compared to a carbon fibre or even an aluminium bike from the same era. “Not necessarily,” I said, trying to stay calm and not go into Preacher Mode, instead gently pointing him toward information on contemporary lightweight steels, oversized tubing, custom builders, et cetera.”

Mercian Single Speed - Velouria - Lovely Bicycle

You’ll want to read her article for yourself, particularly for your loved one.

Thank you to Velouria for helping people enjoy riding more!

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