Made In Massachusetts — Seven Cycles Interview with Channel 5

January 12, 2016

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A couple weeks ago Doug Meehan from WCVB Channel 5 visited Seven Cycles to put together a piece for a new show segment they’re producing called “Made in Mass.”

Framebuilding at Seven Cycles - video image from Channel 5

It’s a segment that’s part of the seven o’clock news program.  Seven was fortunate enough to have a piece on the first episode of the series.  It aired this evening and they’ve posted the brief spot here.

Painting at Seven - video image from Channel 5

I was interviewed by Doug and we covered a lot of topics I was sure would end up on the editing floor.  Our discussion included:

  • Some of the reasons that Seven is in the Boston area.
  • Boston is an extremely expensive place to run a business — particularly in manufacturing.  However, you get what you pay for and we’re very fortunate to be in this area.  Boston has so many colleges and universities with smart, young, motivated people.  Our company is filled with them.  This writer excluded.
  • Boston has a very long history of bike building — from Pope manufacturing in the 1800’s through to the second wave that started with Chris Chance.
  • Boston has a deep bench of bike builders, probably first or second in the country.

Doug was very kind and interested.  Thank you Doug and Channel 5!

Made American Watertown - video image from Channel 5

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