Carbon Fork Prototype of the Week

January 4, 2016

in Product Design, Seven Cycles

It wasn’t too long ago that Seven would design a new fork about once every year-and-a-half or so.  We have five road style forks — available in a dozen rakes each — and we’ve have designed numerous ‘cross, mixed-terrain, and mountain bike style forks over the years.

Now it seems like we’re working on fork designs non-stop.  Brake mount options, axle types, accessory mounting setups, tire and wheel sizes, trail preferences, are all proliferating to the point that we don’t even call them ‘standards’ anymore; they’re simply options now.

Our most recent introduction was the Max45 mixed-terrain fork last year.  We’ve had so much success with it that we’re currently working on three more versions of it.  One of them is a 12mm thru axle option.  And once those are complete,  we have three more slated on the R&D calendar.

Fork Prototypes flat mount 12mm - photo - Rob Vandermark

We’ve got the 12mm thru axle prototypes completed so we’re about to start ride testing and second round of fatigue and static testing, too.  These prototypes are of a flat mount brake caliper design.  It’s still too early for that type of brake — there’s barely anything available right now — but we try to get a jump on the future sometimes.  This fork may or may not make the light of day.  Ride and performance testing will soon make the decision.

And, it’s always good to have an excuse to ride!  Feedback will arrive shortly.

Flat Mount 12mm Thue Axle Prototype - photo - Rob Vandermark

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