Graphic Design: Project Centromere

April 29, 2014

in Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Ride Studio Cafe

I get to do some graphic design work for a new fun project with Ride Studio Cafe.  Details will be out in a couple weeks.  It’s my typical fun deal, that I’m making way more complicated than it could be.

Cryptic enough for you - photo - Rob Vandermark

Project update in reverse:

April 27:  I’ve got a set of second drafts complete.  Too many options for the visual parts of this project – the easy parts.  Four aspects require four distinct logotypes – and a cohesive tie together.  So easy.

April 12:  I’ve got a first draft of the design complete.  The others are working on the proper name for this project; I’ve thrown a few ideas in the ring, too.

March 26:  The project is definitely a go.  Now I have to start working on the graphic aspects.

March 23, 2014:  Patria at Ride Studio Cafe is working on a new project with Rapha.  It’s top secret right now but I expect in the next 4-6 weeks it’ll be public.  I get to work on some of the Rapha parts.

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