Ride Project: Diverged V2.0

April 24, 2014

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Road Closed For Diverged 2.0 - photo - Rob Vandermark

Getting ready for Diverged 2.0.  Well, not really ‘ready’ but it’s happening nonetheless.  Scouting is ‘complete.’

True to the spirit of the original Diverged Ride, we are taking the road less traveled.

“This ride doesn’t really go anywhere, but it seems to go everywhere.”  – Rob V.

You’ll know what I mean if you ride with us.

Redcoats at Diverged 2.0 - photo - Rob Vandermark

Sponsored by Honey Bikes.  Hosted by Ride Studio Cafe.

Get all the details.  Here are some of the basics:

High-Level details:

When:  Saturday AND Sunday, April 26 & 27 at 10am
Where:  Ride Studio Cafe
Rain Date:  We’re riding on Saturday no mater what.  However, we’re riding it again on Sunday so if a little Belgian weather gets you down, come out for the Sunday ride!

Route ‘Details’:

Comparing To Last Year:  This route has 50% different trails, we’re riding clockwise, and the trails are in amazing condition.  So, it feels like an entirely new route.
Distance:  43.6 miles.  The route stays within a few miles of the Ride Studio Cafe so it’s easy to make the ride a lot shorter if you’d like.
Expected Total Ride Time:  Fastest rides will be about 3-3.5 hours – Belgian style weather will slow this pace down a bit.  Typical riding will take about 4-5.5 hours.  Some riders – like me – will take 6-7 hours.  Settle in for a good long ride.
Dirt To Asphalt Ratio:  It’s about 50:50 this year.  More fireroad than last year – I believe it’s more rideable overall.  However, there are a few goat trails so be ready for a bit of technical.  One or two hike-a-bike sections and two or three downed-tree-hop sections.
Trail Conditions:  The trails are in amazingly good shape.  Not much in the way of downed branches and sticks.  The water table is really high right now but the trails are still very dry; there are only a couple places of true mud.
Ideal Bike:  For this Diverged, with the likely weather, I’d suggest a cross bike or something that allows a minimum of 35c tires with room for fenders
Ideal Tire:  Saturday:  With weather, something like a Clement MSO 32 or 40 would be perfect because those have a bit of a raised center for roads, and good knobs for trails.  Sunday:  Depending on Saturday, if the trails are as dry as I expect, something like a Clement LAS or a Clement USH might be perfect.  If there’s some water, I’d stick with my Saturday suggestion.  I say it’s 99% rideable on 23c road tires but some would curse me for saying that.
Fender Situation:  This is tricky.  Saturday may feel like Belgium so a rear fender for the rider behind you on the road will likely be appreciated.  At the same time, riding woods with fenders can be problematic.  I recommend a rear fender if it feels like Belgium on Saturday.

That’s all I got.  Hope to see some people there!

A few more images after the jump.

Boardwalks and Boardwalks for Diverged 2.0 - photo - Rob Vandermark

Field of Trails for Diverged 2.0 - photo - Rob Vandermark

High Water for Diverged 2.0 - photo - Rob Vandermark

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