Words: Minneapolis Musette

March 20, 2014

in Honey Bikes, Press, Seven Cycles

Minuteman Aaron Smith of Minneapolis Musette - photo - Chip BakerWe had a visit today – at Seven Cycles, Honey Bikes, and Ride Studio Cafe – from Minneapolis Musette.  It was a great meeting.  He got a tour and got to ride a bunch.  Great guy and great retailer.

He’s very astute.  A few of his observations included:

 1. There is one ‘Dunkin’ for every ten Bostonians.

3. There exists not one straight road in all of Massachusetts.

a – ‘Safe’ Passing distance is around 1 to 4 inches

7. The Ride Studio Cafe folks are incredibly friendly and offer up their expe

I think he got all that correct.  Thanks Aaron!

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