Sunday Snowball

February 23, 2014

in Semiotics of a Ride

Visitors from another planet - photo - Rob VandermarkRode the first of the new New England Randonneurs Populaire series today.  A monthly ride developed by Jake Kassen and hosted by Ride Studio Cafe.  Pamela Blaylock‘s Permanent route was awesome – even with all the snow, ice, and water.

Rouleuring in ice and sand - image - Rob Vandermark

Video image while rolling at a good clip on icy sand.  I was so happy riding through this kind of terrain – it was pretty much the only way I could keep up!  Trying to find a fender to follow was a bit challenging at times; that’s what you get for being the slow one!

I can’t wait for the next Populaire on March 2!

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