Frame Flow Planning

January 30, 2014

in Business Thinking, Manufacturing, Seven Cycles

Paper cutout process design - photo - Rob Vandermark

I noticed that Matt O’Keefe had Seven Cycles’ paper machinery markers out this week.  We use these pieces when we’re evaluating process flow.  We’re working on the finishing area this week because we’re adding three people to the team and that means rethinking the entire process and layout.

Teamwork:  We get the entire team together to work on how to optimize the process for the present situation.

Flow planning is one of my favorite things.

Paper cutout process prep - photo - Rob Vandermark

Foosball is on the ‘not happening while I work here’ list.  No hot tubs, either.  Hobby horses on the other hand, are a definite maybe.

No foosball here please - photo - Rob Vandermark

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