Ride: New Year’s Sunrise

January 1, 2014

in Rides, Semiotics of a Ride

First light of 2014; seen from Boston’s eastern most point.  Overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

First light New Year sunrsie - photo - Rob Vandermark

Clear skies and 15 degrees.  I had to race to the rise.  It was as much a math problem as it was a ride.  I was hoping to time it to the minute; I didn’t want to be standing around for more than two minutes in sub-15 degree winds.  Still had to plan for the worst – a possible flat, wrong turn, or emergency stop to warm up the toes.  Fortunately, no contingencies were necessary.  Timing was perfect.  Sunrise was perfecter.

Countdown to New Year's sunrise

Welcome to the New Year!  It’s going to be another amazing one!

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