Ride Design: Ride Studio Cafe Snowflake Century

December 22, 2013

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snowflake-century-2013This is one of the more unusual rides we’re putting together at the Ride Studio Cafe.

On the surface an odd design, perhaps.  But, RSC had a few unusual requirements for this ride:

  • We had no idea what the weather conditions might be; it is New England afterall.  My original design had some dirt roads included; that turned out to be a big mistake and required a number of miles of rerouting during this week.
  • We wanted to have a Festive 500 ride on which someone could conveniently roll for multiple distances.  The shortest distance – one leg of the six – is about 16 miles.  Two legs are about 33 miles, etc.
  • RSC wanted to do something different – something we wouldn’t normally do.  What a surprise.  The Snowflake definitely fulfills that request.
  • This is to be a ride that would only be ‘appropriate’ in a New England winter.

Enter:  The Snowflake Century.

Snowflake Century Final Route

It was a lot more difficult to design than I expected.

One Hundred miles in sub-freezing temperatures, absolutely - and bring lights - photo - Rob Vandermark

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