Seven Cycles Project Bike: Towards Singlularity

November 21, 2013

in Engineering, Project Bikes, Seven Cycles

Exploded view derailleur - rotate

we’ve just started Seven’s second major project bike for 2014.  For me, project bikes are bikes that aren’t production items – not bikes that we’re likely to offer as part our line.  Project bikes test our limits and provide me space to try bad ideas and see what happens.

This latest project we started officially this week.  We have four months to pull it together.  This bike is more different than anything else we’ve worked on before.  The constraints are significant and so are the design opportunities.  The limitations are just the hours in the day.  It’s a bit challenging to add another project to the long list when Seven is not quite caught up for the year.  And all signs point to Seven being busier in 2014.  Regardless, basic research and design is important.

I can’t share too much right now because it’s still top secret.  This is Project Towards Singularity.

Stay tuned.  Or not.

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