A Visit with Seven Cycles’ Japanese Distributor

November 15, 2013

in Business Thinking, Seven Cycles

A busy international week at Seven Cycles.  Today we met with our Japanese distributor.  I believe we’ve worked with them longer than any other distributor.  More than fifteen years now.  Some of my best memories in the cycling industry relate to Japan.

We’re working on a number of interesting projects with them.  Some large and complex; some simple.  They were particularly intrigued by our Evergreen bikes.

Our primary work today regarded order process.  It’s complicated to translate to a language and then back into English.  So many opportunities for misinformation.  The real challenge is in capturing the nuance that, to me, makes Seven what it is:  truly unique for each rider.  It takes a lot more effort to get this nuance when we’re working across language, across cultures, and across oceans.  We have a lot of room for improvement and expedience.

Fortunately, our distributor is always up for the challenge, and then some.

Seven in Japan

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