Words: One Word to Sum Up Seven?

November 5, 2013

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“And the word we have chosen at Cyclefit is ‘reflective’.”

Cyclefit is one of Seven’s most important retailers.  Based in London, Cyclefit may be the most important bike fit company on the planet.  Additionally, working with them is fantastic.

Cyclefit just posted a note about Seven’s new Evergreen bikes.  Very nice words from some of the smartest people in the industry.  Some quotes from them:

“The Evergreen is a bash road racer” – what a great expression!  That’s what I want to do – bash.

Fear Rothar detail

“The new for 2014 Evergreen range speaks from Seven’s heart. Rob Vandermark (Seven founder) adores functional bikes that are built for purpose over time.”

“Nothing is ever for nothing with Seven”

“They are the most intelligent and organised of all the custom bike builders”

Awww.  Way too nice.  Thanks Cyclefit!


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