Project Bike: Forty-Eight

October 12, 2013

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Project Forty-Eight sketch - photo - Rob Vandermark

Initial sketch for Project Forty-Eight

Project Forty-Eight is a bike design project for Seven Cycles.  It’s one of three design explorations I’ve put together for the 2014 season.  This bike is closest to my personal cycling interest – for better or worse.

This is a next generation project:  iterating a design that Seven Cycles already offers.  The list of altered details is long and complex.

Project Timeline in Reverse:

January 9:  Started working on a navigation system along with a gear harness setup.  First draft on both.

January 4:  Did a bit of weld testing for one of the accessory parts.

January 2, 2014:  Worked through a second draft of the mounting hardware system.  We have to start machining the new parts by mid-January if we’re going to be riding this thing in early March.

December 22:  I’m starting to feel the time crunch on this project.  Two of the aspects I fear might bet pushed back – what I’m calling ‘brass routing‘ and ‘time inlay.’  Both would be really cool but there are only so many hours in a day, for some reason.

December 3:  John, Karl, and I met at Seven today to discuss, among other topics, how to share this project with the public.  I think John came up with a great idea.  It’s an approach we’ve used in a peripheral way; now we’re going to try it in a primary way.  We’re going to start looking into this in earnest on January 2.

November 14:  I completed the first round of full specs and accessories for the Forty-Eight.  about forty aspects on this bike that Seven has not done before.  Some aspects are completely new and some aspects are modifications on existing work.  A couple of the aspects are pre-production work, too.

Project Forty-Eight checklist - photo - Rob Vandermark

Original checklist for Project Forty-Eight. Like tracks in snow.

October 27:  Today I worked through a first draft of this bike’s purpose and parameters.  It’s a special purpose bike.  Single purpose.  Pushing the bounds of what’s reasonable is one of my favorite types or research and development.  Often, our production bikes and details come from side projects never intended for production.  I’m confident that some of what I work on for the Forty-Eight will end up in our bike line.

October 12, 2013:  Project Forty-Eight is official.  We’re planning for a March 1 completion date.  I’m putting the prototype together for a specific ride project that’s rolling off on Friday, March 7.  This gives us about four months to complete this.  No problem.

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