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August 26, 2013

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Chip Baker wrote about Honey Bikes’ adventure doing the 2013 D2R2 ride.  A few highlights include:

“All we were doing was riding. Pure and simple. No other agenda or distractions. Just the three of us following the course and enjoying each others company. There were some tough climbs. Obviously. You are riding in Western Mass and up into VT. But even with all the hard climbing you would pop out on some ridge and there would be a farm with sheep or some weird barn covered in cool stuff and you would just smile.  […]

“After a nice lunch and lots of great conversations we joined up with two riders from the Ride Studio Cafe. They were a great addition to our group. Really strong riders and super nice. Its always a great sign when you can meet someone for the first time after riding 2 hours and then just all flow together as if you had known each other for years.  […]

“It also became apparent that D2R2 is like a rolling NAHBS. So many gorgeous bikes. And so many different types of bikes and riders.”

It was a blast riding with Chip and Roger.   Thanks Chip for documenting the ride – in more ways than one!  Reading his post makes me want to ride D2R2 again.

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