Graphic Design: Honey Team Jersey 2013 for D2R2

August 20, 2013

in Clothing Design, Honey Bikes

Honey Team Jersey 2013I really like this jersey project.  We started with the best jersey:  the Rapha Lightweight in fig.  We embroidered with honey colored thread.  It was a bit of a risky color choice but people tell me they came out well – and people have asked for them.  Unfortunately, Rapha is sold out of the fig jersey and I’m guessing they won’t offer it again.  I’m happy with it.

Why interesting to me?

  • We had to do something different on the back of the jersey due to the Lightweight jersey design.  the vertical “Honey Team” worked really well.
  • This is the first time we used Honey Bee on fabric.
  • One time project.  A limited edition of three.

I’m working on the Honey Navigators project now; it’ll require a new set of jerseys.  Stay tuned.

Honey Team Dropping Me

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