Drink Design: Portable Caffeine Delivery System – With Chocolate

August 2, 2013

in Coffee, Ride Studio Cafe

Iced Mocha just about ready - photo - Rob Vandermark

I’ve been working on the idea of an iced drink for the Ride Studio Cafe’s Sul Posto – portable cafe – that doesn’t require an espresso machine.  The drink parameters are:

  • A good compliment to the Studio’s bottled cold brew
  • An iced summer drink
  • Sweet
  • Espresso based
  • Portable, bottled
  • Tastes good even after a week in a cooler
  • Works well with iced milk, soy milk, or almond milk

Project Updates:

Testing, testing, one, two, three - photo - Rob Vandermark

August 31:  I think we have it.  It’s a modified version of a Studio iced mocha.  More dark chocolate taste, equal caffeine, smaller portion.

  • With milk, about 130 calories
  • With almond milk about 35 calories

August 29:  I worked last night with Sal on the first edible version of the drink.  Highlights:

  • Sal is awesome!
  • It tastes like melted ice cream – a good way.
  • We bottled some and will try it in a week to see how it stays.
  • We initially worked with cold brew concentrate as the caffeine base but decided the taste wasn’t right; I’d like something that has a bit more of an espresso flavor.
  • Along with a milk version we’re also working on a version that works well with almond milk.

August 12:  Worked out the caffeine ratio so an 8 ounce bottle will have about 25% more caffeine than a

August 2, 2013:  It’s become clear to me that we want a portable sweet iced caffeine drink for long rides.

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