Graphic Design: T-Shirt for the Honey One Hundred KM 2013

July 25, 2013

in Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Honey Bikes

For the Honey One Hundred we knew we wanted to offer a commemorative t-shirt; people have been asking about it already.

Here are a few photos of the process Kirk and I used to develop the t-shirt.  First, I drafted a few concepts where I wanted the ‘one’ in ‘honey’ to be apparent – since this is a one hundred kilometer ride.

101 Initial sketch for Honey One Hundred t-shirt design

Kirk took my sketches; he and I played with some honeycomb graphic elements – that I ultimately ended up ditching.

232 First draft for One Hundred

More images after the fold.

The idea of a honey jar took shape – as a way to frame the key letters in the ride’s name “honey one hundred km.”

317 Honey jar design takes shap

We’re close to the final design here:

470 Close to the final Honey One Hundred t-shirt design

This was a fun project.  T-shirts are nearly always fun.


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