Graphic Design: Cue Sheets for Highpoint 2013

May 28, 2013

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We’re making commemorative cue sheets for the Ride Studio Cafe’s Highpoint ride.  This is a bit of a project because we’ve got eight rides that require cue sheets.  The longest ride is just over 160 miles.

Highpoint Ride cue sheets 2013

These cue sheets are a bit different from the average cue sheet in a number of ways:

  • We’re requiring each rider doing the Highpoint top have a gps unit.  So, the cue sheets are really just for emergency back up.  Therefore I designed the sheets to stay in your pocket.
  • In order to make the sheets commemorative, we’re laminating them.

  • I’ve ringed them in order to make it easier for find what section you’re on when referring to the sheets.  Again, because they’re for emergencies only, this seemed better than a folded 8.5×11″ sheet – in large part because you can’t fold a laminated card.
  • Because we’re having eight routes we have to mark each sheet clearly with which ride it’s for – so that if the binder ring fails you won’t mix the rides up by accident.

Thanks to Pamela Blalock for designing every one of the eight routes.  and vetting them.  And editing the cues.  These are amazing routes that I’m sure we’ll ride again.

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