Journal: Saturday Sting-Ray

May 11, 2013

in Journal Notes

Saturday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     6:40 am – 7:20 pm


“[Al] Fritz was Schwinn’s vice president for engineering, research and development in 1962 when he flew to Southern California to investigate a new fad: children were buying used 20-inch bicycle frames and refitting them with long handlebars and banana seats. Recognizing the design’s mass-market potential, he built a prototype and came up with the name Sting-Ray because the curved handlebars reminded him of the upswept pectoral fins of a swimming stingray.

“Many Schwinn employees were skeptical, but Mr. Fritz prevailed, and the first run of Sting-Rays was produced in 1963. Schwinn eventually sold more than two million […]  Vintage models now sell for thousands of dollars.”

Mr. Fritz died on May 7 at 88 in Barrington, Ill.

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