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May 9, 2013

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Seven  |  Studio     ||     6:20 am9:40 pm

Pamela is anything but a Cafe Loiterer

Yesterday someone asked me what I do all day; here’s what today looked like:

6:20 amCustomer Service: Arrive at Seven Cycles - very foggy-brained - and try to figure out how to salvage a bike build that's gone sideways. Entirely my fault. Very patient rider: P.B.
6:55 amArrive at Ride Studio Cafe; opened and got the shop started for the day. This is a bit unusual; I wouldn't typically do this. Had a macchiato.
7:05 amBike Fitting: Making a bike that's too big fit someone cannot afford a new bike yet. And solving some issues with a previous fitting by someone - that sold the rider a bike that's much too big. Rider: D.M.
8:10 amBike Session: Setting up a bike for a press test on a Honey 29er that'll be in print soon. Rider: C.B. Had a pourover coffee.
8:30 amBike Session: Working with rider on details for a special Ragbrai bike. Rider: J.C.
11:20 amArrive Seven; organize builders and help build the above mentioned "sideways" bike.
11:40 amWork: Get through 40+ emails; only 140 to go.
NoonBusiness Development: Meeting: Recruiting, while eating lunch - and breakfast
Life: Took a moment to pet Eddie the dog.
1:30 pmWork: Helping assemble a special bike that's shipping this afternoon. We're shorthanded at Seven so I'm trying to help solve some challenges.
2:20Work: Review and edit three sets of customer bike designs.
2:50R&D: Redesigned a dropout part and worked with Skip to get it machined asap for a deadline prototyping project.
3:20Work: Emails: About 35. Down to about 100 behind.
3:45Consulting: Worked on a special side project for a music event that's happening this fall. Seven is involved tangentially.
3:55Customer Service: Worked with Karl on a bike service issue related to high-speed wobble. As always, it's not the frame stiffness that's the problem. We're tracking it down through poor component choices and half-way maintenance.
4:20Business Development: Five year plan meeting preparation for Seven Cycles.
4:45Product Development: Honey cross bike project. We've just about got this completed. Wrapping up final details and sponsoring partners.
5:10Product Development: Seven Cycles' tapered road fork design iterate.
5:35Work: Review and edit five sets of customer bike designs.
7:20 pmRide Development: Meeting about Highpoint Project. Working on 1,000 logistic details. Everything from what material to wrap the handmade rice cakes in, to how to manage the entire lodge where people are staying. This is going to be the ride of the year - for me.
9:40 pmLife: Head home.
10:30 pmWrite this post, among other writings.

Post title:  A day in my life:  this day.

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