Journal: A Neon Rainbow

May 1, 2013

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Wednesday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:55 am – 8:10 pm

Painted Fender Is A Neon Rainbow - photo - Rob Vandermark

  • Product Development:  Working on the Seven Cycles RSC Endurance Team bikes.  Trying to come up with a fatigue-proof method for internal brake cable housing and hydraulic housing.  Not so easy.  Many years ago – at Merlin Metalworks we used to offer internal brake housing and nearly all those frames came back.  Fortunately, internal electronic wiring is a completely different – and much easier challenge.
  • Product Development:  Working on the 2.0 version of Seven’s integrated fender mount system for carbon forks.
  • Association:  Had an interesting conversation with Chip Baker about Honey Bikes and my name association with the company.  He says its a good connection.  I sometimes sense that some people think Honey is a distraction from Seven Cycles.  And therefore a negative connotation, in some ways.  Chip says it’s all positive – but he’s always positive.  I definitely find that working with both Seven Cycles and Honey Bikes reinforce and cross-pollinate – no puns please – in a very useful way.  I’ve definitely had ideas from Honey that we’ve applied at Seven.  And ideas from Seven that have creeped into Honey.

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