Journal: You Walk Away As It Burns

April 29, 2013

in Journal Notes

Paint Samples - photo - Rob VandermarkMonday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:55 am – 8:45 pm

  • Race:  The 2013 Rapha Gentlemen’s Race is happening this weekend.  Difficult to believe it’s already here.  The team has been coming together for a while and it is a strong one.  We’re expecting a good ride from the Ride Studio Cafe Endurance team – augmented with a few equally strong riders.
  • Product Development:  I’ve been working on the RSC Endurance Team bike project for a while.  It’s now just about complete.  Three unique bikes for three unique riders.  Getting them completed in time for the Dirty Kanza.  It’ll be tight but that’s how we rolls.
  • Product Development:  I’ve been working on integrating the upcoming 11-speed nightmare into Seven Cycles’ design process.  The information I’ve received from the component manufacturers is preliminary so nothing’s set in stone.  However, there’s going to be some problems doing retrofits onto existing bikes.  Essentially they’re saying, “don’t do it.”  Sweet.

Post title:  “You set fire to everything you touch… and then you walk away as it burns.”  –  The Wire


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