Journal: Night Scouting Is Digital

April 25, 2013

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Reflection in Honey PaintThursday location:  Seven  |  7:40 am – 9:35 pm

  • Way-Back Machine:  Competitive Cyclist dug up something about which I forgot.
  • Product Development:  Had a meeting today with A.C. about an important Seven Cycles project today.  I’ll code-name it  “Trail Trial” for now.  It’s going to take a month or so before this project becomes public.  Once it’s public we’ll be tracking it on a daily basis.  It’s going to be a bit of a mini Velvet project.  And the person with which I’m working rocks at writing and documenting so this will be fun for a lot of reasons.  More to come.
  • Power Management:  Three lights.  Two Garmins.  Two taillights.  One backup power suppler Four hours in the dark.  Night scouting is digital:  the best ride or the worst.  I’ve been blessed by having the best over and over again.
  • Observation:  Warning:  rant coming.  High speed wobble in a bicycle is something that pretty much everyone I’ve heard – that thinks they understand it – does not.  It’s tedious to have the same conversation over and over with people that really don’t have much experience with it.  I’ve been involved in building well over 60,000 hand-made bikes; more than 25,000 of these have been 100% customized.  So, I – and Seven – actually have a very rare skill set when it comes to understanding bicycle dynamics and what makes them work – and not work.  Seven knows how to troubleshoot high-speed wobble.  And, surprise, surprise, it’s very rarely got anything to do with frame stiffness.  For some reason a lot of people think this is the cause; it’s not.  About 95% of the time it’s a component issue.  2.5% of the time it’s frameset alignment.  About 2.47% of the time it’s rider position.  And maybe 0.03% of the time it’s frame stiffness.   Okay, I’m over it now.  No more complaining.  Back to work.

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