Journal: Filling My Jersey Pockets with the Important Things like Rice Cakes and Pastries

April 24, 2013

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Honey Bikes LogoWednesday location:  Seven  |  7:50 am – 9:20 pm

  • Product Development:  Working on today’s version of a Pressfit 30 bottom bracket system:  the 79 mm width.  Not enjoying this.  I think I have “BB Variant Fatigue.”  I think that’s a thing.
  • Product Development:  The Cross is Boss Honey Bike project is just about ready.  Which is good because we’ve already started on the next Honey project.
  • Product Development: Honey Dirty Endurance Project.  Aptly named because I need more endurance to keep up with the growing list of work.  And my lack of showering is making me dirtier.  The Endurance project is something different than I’ve seen before.  Three bikes to approach dirt endurance from three very different angles.
  • Product Development:  Seven’s been working on our 142 x 12 rear mountain dropout system to work with the latest axle system.  Standard of the moment.  Oh, did that moment pass yet?
  • Social:  Honey Bikes now has a Facebook page.  Too much happening with Honey to not Faceboot it.  I’m sure we’ve joined the F-boot just as it’s jumping the shark.

Post title:  Chip Baker and his Ronde Slayer writing.

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