Journal: It’s Not ‘Nine-Miles’ Cute

April 23, 2013

in Journal Notes

Faucet Knobs - photo - Rob VandermarkTuesday location:  Seven  |  Scouting     ||     1:20 pm – 7:25 pm

  • Product Design:  Wrapped up designs on the summer cycling caps for Ride Studio Cafe.  I’m liking the designs.  The first one has arrived; the second design will be in soon.
  • Product Design:  Made some revisions to one of Seven’s bottom bracket systems.  We’re looking ahead about five years and wanting to keep this one system relevant to the future.  So mysterious.
  • Ride Project:  Highpoint is public now.  One year in the making.  In another year it might be ready.  Actually we’re doing it in June.
  • Product Development:  Working on Seven’s titanium seatpost 1.5; titanium supply issues are making me reevaluate our current designs.
  • Engineering:  Working on the newest round of titanium fatigue testing.  At some point – when I have time – I want to post the results, somehow.

Post title:  Me, in reference to talking about a cafe for which I had high hopes – and that’s nine-miles out of the way from the scouting route.

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