Journal: The Flying Arrow Is Therefore Motionless

April 18, 2013

in Journal Notes

Mast Brothers ChocolateThursday location:  Seven  |  7:30 am – 7:05 pm

  • Product Development:  Finalized the Ride Studio Cafe Menu 1.0 today.  It’s so different from anything I’ve seen before that it’s been difficult to explain to the town, those helping, and the suppliers with which we’re working.  I’m trying to anticipate the issues that will arise.  It’d be so much easier to just sell a lot of chocolate.
  • Product Development:  Wrapping up a 3-Bike Limited Edition “Cross is Boss” project for Honey Bikes.  This is a big ambitious design challenge.  Fortunately it’s very limited edition:  only 20 bikes will be available.  Details posting soon.
  • Ride Project:  Working on the most ambitious ride project yet:  Highpoint.  Riding to Mount Greylock and back.  I started working on this last year and had to shelve it becuase it was too big.  But now RSC has found the right team to help bring it to fruition – six people, in addition to RSC employees will make this ride of rides happen sucessfully.
  • Note:  My friend Patrick Brady has posted a Kickstarter about a book project he’s doing.  It’ll definitely be worth it.

Post title:  Aristotle’s Physics VI:  9, 239b5

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