Words: Honey Bike Spotlight with RSC Racer Erin Faccone

April 16, 2013

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Erin Faccone and her Honey - photo - Patria LanfranchiRide Studio Cafe – Honey’s number one retailer – just posted an interview with Erin Faccone of the RSC Road Team.  It’s a great piece by Joy Stark-Smith.  The Honey Final 200 Meters is a unique bike that seems to do it’s job.

“[…] it’s been beyond my expectations. It’s stiffer than any bike I’ve ever ridden before. It felt super zippy even on the first ride. I took it through some hard cornering and a few quick sprints and felt great – like I’d been riding it forever. After my first long ride with it, I’m more pleased than ever.  […]

“The Honey is the first bike I’ve ever felt more comfortable on the hoods and, dare I say, in the drops than on the flats. On my first ride, I did some out of the saddle efforts, and was shocked at how stable I felt sprinting from the drops. Aside from the bike itself, I had a fitting with Rob from RSC which was super thorough. We ended up changing my position pretty significantly from what I was used to. The result has been more comfort and more power, so win-win!”

Thanks Erin and Joy!  Have a great race season Erin! – And the entire Ride Studio Cafe Team!

More frame photos after the jump.

Erin's Honey Colors F2M

Erin's Honey Seat Stay Design F2M

The One Honey fo Erin

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