Words: Once in a Blue Moon

April 14, 2013

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Rando Ride!Lovely Bicycle!’s content locomotive, Velouria, just posted a nice piece on the Season Kick-Off Party and ride today.

“The Blue Moon Permanent marked this year’s New England Brevet Season Kick-Off Party. The start of the ride was crowded, with a varied mix of cyclists. The bikes ran the gamut from road race to traditional randonneuring machines.  […]

“We go through our learning experiences, growing pains and all the wonder that comes with them but once.

“[…] the route itself was remarkably quiet. Orchards and farms comprised much of the scenery, alternating with stretches of sleepy residential streets bordering bodies of water. At one point there was even a Forest Road that, uncharacteristically, went through an actual forest, rather than a series of strip malls or new housing developments.  Pamela Blalock‘s route design skills are a rare talent.”

I’m glad that Velouria made it to the entire event, and shared her thoughts.  I expect that there’ll be a lot more blue moons coming this season.



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