Journal: Kites That Could Almost Scrape the Bellies of Airliners

April 12, 2013

in Journal Notes

Eddie the Dog - photo - Rob VandermarkFriday location:  Seven  |  7:20 am8:35 pm

  • Words:  Cindy of RAWRBikes just posted some nice words about Honey Bikes’ Diverged Ride.
  • Visitor:  Eddie the pup visited Seven Cycles today.
  • Ride Event:  Working on the biggest ride event that Ride Studio Cafe.  High Point ride.  Details released very soon.
  • Time Marker:  Missed an important deadline today.  Seeing what we can do to make up for it.  I’m so used to just barely hitting deadlines that I’m surprised when I don’t hit one – that’s for a customer.  I miss personal deadlines all the time; customer deadlines not so much.  If I raced triathlons I’d be world champion if the three legs were, 1) using the phrase, “it’s complicated,” 2) not riding, and 3) missing personal deadlines.
  • Time Marker:  Honey Bikes is GO!  Well it’s always been go but right now it’s “Go!”  Way too much going on; at least now I’ve got more help – Lily and now Chip.  Yay.

Post title:  City of Anarchy


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