Journal: I’m Not the Only One Who Will Run With A Knife

April 11, 2013

in Journal Notes

Depth of Field - photo - Rob VandermarkThursday location:  Seven  |  7:35 am – 9:05 pm

  • Consulting:  I’m pulling together six diverse and excellent resources for people management for someone with which I’m helping.  Maybe I’ll post these resources once I’ve whittled the list down to six.
  • Product Development:  Seven Cycles has wrapped up the second generation of integrated fender mount designs.  Gen 1 has worked well; Gen 2 will be easier to produce.
  • Words:  Pamela Blalock just posted a great piece about her new Honey Bike, and the Diverged Ride.
  • Dangerous Creativity:  I saw a Seven Custom Kit filled out today with the customer’s signature at the bottom, as is customary.  However, the signature was grafted.  The retailer took the customer’s deposit check, folded it up, and photocopied it onto the Custom Kit.  Very creative?

Post title:  Queens of the Stone Age – Regular John

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