Words: More Smiles per Mile

April 9, 2013

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Chip Baker wrote about the Diverged Ride today.  He put it in better words than I could.  Here are a few of his words:

More Smiles per Mile on the Diverged Ride - photo - Chip Baker

The day of the ride between 80-100 riders packed themselves into the Ride Studio Cafe to enjoy Honey-centric treats made by Patria and served by Anna, Sal, Patria and the Ride Studio.

“The whole point of the Diverged Ride was to take the less traveled path. I have ridden in this area for a long time. We live to ride our cross bikes on the trails. I hadn’t ridden the majority of the trails we rode on Saturday. That is saying something.

“A special ride deserves a couple of special bikes! Two special Honey bikes were built for the ride. Roger Cadman chose theWinterando and Pamela Blalock went with an All Roads Honey.

“What was so impressive to me was how much fun everyone had. We use that word a lot. Fun, what does it really mean in the context of cycling. On a day like Saturday it literally means having fun. Seeing smiles on everyone’s face, hearing everyone laughing and joking with each other.

“[…]  bikes can tackle anything, all you need is the right attitude and maybe some fat tires!

I agree with it all!  Thanks for riding with the Diverged, Chip!  We’ll see you at the next fun ride.

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