Journal: I Don’t Read the Script. The Script Reads Me

April 9, 2013

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Tuesday location:  Studio  |  Seven  |  Studio     ||  7:40 am – 8:50 pm

Through Left Door - photo - Rob Vandermark

  • Recruiting:  There tends to be a ratio in hirings in which I’m involved:  about 1:100.  That’s applicants to hires.  It looks like it might hold true on these upcoming six hires on which we’re working.  I never regret the time investment – but that doesn’t mean it’s fun.
  • Process Consulting:  A friend in the framebuilding world asked for my thoughts on process standards and ways to help employees work with standards.  It’s an interesting challenge.  There are all types of process methodologies I’ve used – or tried to use – over the years.  The size of the company, the type of the job, and the employee’s capability, motivations, and intelligence all play important roles.  I’ve been pulling together some documents, books, articles, and charts.
  • Words:  Chip Baker is Diverged by More Smiles per Mile.

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