Journal: Dignity and Animality

April 2, 2013

in Journal Notes

Pondering the Honey All RoadsTuesday location:  Seven  |  7:35 am – 7:40 pm – scout

  • Product Development:  Seven Cycles is working with Lon Haldeman on something interesting.  Lon’s design requirements are unusual.  He’s had a Seven for a while and we’re working on some modifications that may prove interesting.
  • Product Development:  I’ve put together an alpha test for Honey menu for weekend event.
  • Project Ride:  Diverged Ride and breakfast all but determined.  The breakfast project was as much work as the ride development.  Looking forward to both.  Going to ride and going to eat.  This will be my first Ride Studio Cafe ride this year.

Post title:  Watership Down

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