Journal: Those That See Sun Find Sun

March 29, 2013

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Pulling your shotFriday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:35 am – 9:20 pm

  • Fitting:  I’ve performed north of 25,000 bike fits in my life.  I still get great pleasure when the cyclist’s riding experience improves.  Sometimes it’s life-changing.
  • Psychology:  I’ve noticed that when a retailer is looking for trouble, they’ll find it, whether it exists or not.  Seven recently had a retailer find three issues in a row on the last three frames that we sent.  Ironically, all three of them were not errors; the retailer was having trouble measuring.  But, sometimes, when someone gets the idea that there’s a problem, problems arise.  Of course, thankfully, the opposite is also true.  Those that see sun find sun.
  • Time Marker:  Coming up one one year for the Tomorrow Is Already Yesterday Project.  Working on a way to post more projects in a less time consuming way.  We’ll see.

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