Journal: The Trick Is Not Minding That It Hurts

March 28, 2013

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Apparent Close - Tai ChiThursday location:  Seven  |  Studio   |  Off-sight     ||     7:55 am – 9:40 pm

  • Note:  On a bicycle, who is responsible for a chainline not working?  The framebuilder or component manufacturer – or the rider for choosing parts that are not compatible.  Apparently it’s always the framebuilder.  Always.  Even though the framebuilder has no control over the chainline, assuming the frame is in alignment.
  • Product Development:  Lots happening with the Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team.  Three bikes in process for the team.  All three frames are prototypes.  And each frame is completely different from the others.
  • Time Marker:  The past two weeks have been particularly overwhelming.  I can tell because I don’t even have time to keep track of the work I’m doing.  More going on than ever equals less time to keep track of it all.

Post title:  Lawrence of Arabia

Image:  Tai Chi.

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