Journal: 600 Miles an Hour; Calm as Hindu Cows

March 19, 2013

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Even Snow Needs a Rest Sometimes - photo - Rob Vandermark

Even Snow Needs a Rest Sometimes

Tuesday location:  Seven  |  7:55 am – 8:05 pm

  • Project Management:  Seven Cycles is reorganizing some of the sales territories for the impending season.  I always find it energizing to dig into accounts from a new perspective.  Way too many opportunities without the hours to support it all.
  • Work:  Seven Cycles has already exceeded the March target so we’ve exceeded our Q1 sales goal.  Production is close behind.  And we’re well ahead of last year at this point.  Momentum to continue.
  • Product:  The average cost of a foot of titanium for Seven Cycles is about $38.  Some of our tubing is more than $70 per food.
  • Note:  Why does my email spam arrive in sets of threes?

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