Journal: Communication Is Universal and Abstract

March 18, 2013

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven  |  7:45 am – 9:35 pm

Stef welding intently - photo - Skunk

  • Other:  We have a student coming in this week for a three day job shadow.  We’ve done job shadowing a few times of the years but it’s rare.  This is interesting in part because of the duration and the distance   The student is coming from Maine.
  • Product Development:  We’re working on a number of titanium projects right now.  One of bigger projects includes developing a new material standard for the mill.  I was looking back through some of the original work that Seven did 16-years ago.  I have a terrible memory but I was surprised at how much of the ASTM B338 titanium tubing standard I still remembered.  We don’t even use much of it anymore.  While we did base Seven’s tube specification on the B338, much of it has changed – become more stringent, tighter, and more finicky over time.

  • Words:  Honey Bike test review coming out soon.  Super exciting.  Actually, there are three press tests happening right now.  Running the spectrum – if three can be a spectrum – of types of press.
  • Note:  Just saying that something is great doesn’t make it great.  Words don’t have that affect.  And yet, some people believe they do.

Post title:  Jean Baudrillard

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