Words: My Trip to Seven Cycles – Part I

March 6, 2013

in Press, Seven Cycles

Nick Moroder of Belgainwerkx just posted a great piece about his trip to Seven Cycles’ Winter Session.

Seven Cycles Head Tube Badge 2012

A few highlights from Nick’s thoughts:

“[…] relatively small manufacturing space that has turned out 25,000 custom bikes.

“Only one person is responsible for cutting, bending, and butting each tube for a single bike before handing a box to the welder. They make each bike individually, giving each builder a sense of pride and responsibility for his work.

“Tim has probably welded more Titanium bikes than maybe anyone in the world. He’s head welder at Seven and has taught many others his craft. I could talk about how Seven uses “best practices” to increase fatigue life, how they carefully check alignment, or how each welder completes each bike from metal prep to completion… but I’ll let the quality of work speak for itself.

“What we noticed even more was the pride and respect each Seven employee has for their craft.


Read Nick’s full report.  I’m glad that Belgainwerkx made the trip to Seven.  It’s going to be a great year!

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