Journal: History Is Not Just One Damn Thing after Another

February 28, 2013

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Paint Durabilty Test Samples - photo - Rob VandermarkThursday location:  Seven  |  8:10 am – 9:35 pm

  • Research and Development:  I’m putting together an updated comprehensive and standardized paint durability testing procedure for Seven Cycles.  We’re including scratch resistance, impact resistance, chip resistance, overall toughness, surface hardness, interstitial bond cohesion, rust preventiveness, edge durability, and weather resistance.  All told it looks like there will be 17 distinct test attributes.  I’m trying to prioritize them now.  Not so easy.
  • Business:  Wrapped up top line performance for January and February at Seven Cycles in a rocking place.  Ahead of 2012 Jan-Feb, and on target for 2013.  The climb gets a lot steeper for March.  Got my crampons on.
  • Project:  Honey Bikes was just invited to participate in a product test for a big magazine.  Looking forward to this.  Details to follow soon, I hope.
  • Note:  Clinics on clinics on clinics.

Post title:  Human Cycles:  History as Science

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