Journal: We Quote Each Other Only When We’re Wrong

February 27, 2013

in Journal Notes

Disoriented - photo - Rob VandermarkWednesday location:  Seven  |  7:35 am – 7:55 pm

  • Design:  Working with Skunk and John L. on a new series of print ads.  Six distinct ads that all provide different and related aspects of Seven.  Great photography based on the brochure.  Very simple black and white.  And we’ve got a series of online ads rolling out, too.  Ads are a fun challenge.
  • Business Development:  Winter Session Clinics almost done – but not necessarily ready, but nearly done.  We’ve got 12 people from Seven leading clinics; I’m impressed with how they’ve come together.  My clinics are weakest.  Fortunately I have a large number of them to give, so that’s good.
  • Business Development:  Working on the toughest clinic of the Winter Session:  Sales Process Best Practices.  It’s pulling me under.  So many bests to whittle down to 40 minutes.
  • Note:  I noticed today that work seems follow the Doppler effect with me.  It’s crushingly fast as it approaches me.  And, as soon as it has passed by me – incomplete – it suddenly looks evenly and reasonably paced.  Deadlines crash into ma and then lazily stroll past.  It’s sort of the opposite of 20/20 hindsight.

Post title:  Uncle Tupelo, High Water

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