Journal: Things We Have Felt With Great Intensity Have an Existence Independent

February 20, 2013

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Wednesday location:  Seven  |  7:55 am – 9:05 pm

Dog's Eyes - photo - Russell Cheyne

  • Business Development:  Working with Matt O. on employee feedback sessions.  It’s a full-time job to work with each person and determine the best path for each.  It’s also one of the coolest parts of the job, to me.  Determining the path with an employee is the second most important work in a company, I say.  Matt and I don’t do it nearly often enough but every time we work on it, I feel the company move forward.
  • Video:  I just saw a video that Cycling Plus and Bike Radar put together about theSeven Cycles 622 SLX.
  • Business Development:  For some reason today I worked on organizing Seven’s 200+ R&D projects.  Why does the list only grow and never recede?  It’s a good situation but it can be sometimes tiring to say no to projects that look like fun.
  • Business Development:  The Seven Cycles Winter Session is next week – again.  I thought I had everything ready to go this time.  Not so likely.  I’ve made some mods to a couple of the clinics that I’m leading.  More later.

  • Product Development:  Working – futility I fear, at the moment – on Seven’s disc fork projects.  Sometimes my eyes are bigger than reality.  Having some tire clearance challenges that are not trivial.  I’m liking this challenge; throw away everything we’ve done before and start from a white page.  The trick is not putting meaningful ink on that page.
  • Research:  Worked out a design for the variable dropout fork we’ll be using for trail tests.
  • Time Marker:  My bike has dust on it.

Post title:  “In certain favourable moods, memories – what one has forgotten – comes to the top.  Now, if this is so, is it not possible – I often wonder – that things we have felt with great intensity have an existence independent of our minds; are in fact still in existence?  And, if so, will it not be possible, in time, that some device will be invented by which we can tap them?  I see it – the past – as an avenue lying behind; a long ribbon of scenes, emotions.  There at the end of the avenue still, are the garden and the nursery.  Instead of remembering here a scene and there a sound, I shall fit a plug into the wall; and listen in to the past.”  –  Virginia Woolf, Moments of Being.  1882 – 1941.

Photo:  Russell Cheyne

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